American Roulette

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Information about American Roulette

Playing American RouletteAmerican roulette is a slightly different version of French casino roulette, with the main difference being the actual wheel itself, which contains two zeros. Many casinos tend to favour the American version, as it has a slightly higher casino house advantage and costs less to operate than the French game.

Casino Dealer / Croupier

American roulette is only operated by one casino dealer / croupier and is played on a large gaming table, with a fairly standard betting layout for the chips.

Wheel Differences

The wheel is situated at the far end of the American roulette table, usually surrounded by a rich, varnished wood exterior. Divided into 38 separate numbered sections, the wheel is numbers from 0 to 36, with each number being either red or black, and the two zeros being green. The numbers on the wheel are arranged opposite each other, consecutively.


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