Roulette Chips

Information about Chips

Roulette ChipsThe value of roulette chips are always clearly marked on the table and they are neatly stacked by colour, in piles of 20 chips. In a game, there are 200 chips in a complete set. Specific coloured chips may be requested from the croupier, provided that they are available and not already in play.

Colour Chips

Roulette chips are brightly coloured, with each player being allocated their own individual colour.

The value of the coloured casino chips are automatically the minimum table bet, although this can be easily increased by asking the croupier, who uses markers to clearly indicate the values of each player's chips.

Cash Chips

Cash chips are also available when playing roulette, where chips have their actual value clearly written on the actual chip itself. However, using 'colour' chips is generally preferable, as this avoids any possible disputes as to who actually placed the cash chip bet.


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