Roulette Casino Dealer / Croupier

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Information about the Casino Dealer / Croupier

Roulette Casino Dealer / CroupierThe casino dealer / croupier is responsible for running the game of roulette on their designated table and each croupier gives clear, verbal instructions to indicate the state of play, such as 'No more bets'.

Players should always abide by the casino croupier's instructions and rules, who watches each player place their bets, advising if any bets have been incorrectly placed on the table.

Roulette casino dealers / croupiers straighten up any piles of chips that are accidentally moved or knocked over by players reaching across the table to place their own bets, announcing what they are doing as necessary. Players are not permitted to touch other player's chips and so the croupier constantly observes the state of play.

Instructing the Casino Dealer / Croupier

In the case that players are unable to reach the betting position on the roulette table themselves, they are able to pass the chips to the croupier and instruct them accordingly.


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