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Information about French Roulette

Playing French RouletteFrench roulette is actually the origin of the American version of this game, dating back around 300 years, and much of this game is similar. Particularly popular throughout casinos in Europe, French roulette is played around the world and follows to same basic principles, although it does tend to be played at a noticeably slower pace.

The casino dealers / croupiers generally move the player's chips around the table using a 'rake', and this long stick is also used to line up and straighten bets placed on the table.

Main Differences

The main differences between French and American roulette are as follows:

  • The table is much larger
  • The numbers on the table are arranged in a slightly different layout
  • The layout / wheel only contains one zero number
  • The table has two casino dealers / croupiers and also one inspector, who are all present throughout the game
  • The game of French roulette is dealt in French, although it is generally easy to follow
  • A number of 'speciality bets' are available, such as 'voisins', 'tiers' and 'orphelins'
  • Some of the bets placed on the table can cover particular sections of the wheel
  • The casino house advantage for inside bets in French roulette is 2.7%


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