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Playing English RouletteEnglish roulette is very much a mixture of both the French and American versions, where different aspects of each game are combined. Popular in casinos throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, many casinos mistakenly refer to English roulette as the traditional American game.

The game of English roulette is played on tables in the style of American roulette, using a French wheel which contains only one zero number slot. A number of specific French terms and betting options are also available when playing this game.

Neighbours Oval

Many English roulette tables also include the 'neighbours oval' layout on the casino croupier's side of the table, allowing neighbour bets to be easily placed.

The neighbours oval allows players to bet on numbers in the order that they appear on the wheel itself, although often the minimum bet for neighbours oval bets is higher that simple straight-up bets. Payout odds for single numbers on the English roulette table's neighbours oval is the same as a straight-up bet, 35 to 1. The croupier always clearly announces the result of the neighbours oval bet, as either 'neighbours win' or 'neighbours lose'.

When a winning bet is placed on the neighbours' oval, the casino chips are removed from the oval and placed on the winning number on the main roulette table, with the winnings being paid directly to the player as usual.


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