Playing Casino Roulette

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Information about Playing

Playing Casino RouletteAt the start of the roulette game, players must first purchase their coloured chips from the croupier. Roulette chips are purchased by player's placing money directly upon the table in front of them (not on a number) and politely instructing the croupier.

Bets can also be placed on the gaming table using money or cash chips, although colour chips are always preferable when playing the game of casino roulette.

Playing and Gambling

On reaching the table there may be a game in progress and the best time to purchase chips during a game is when the croupier announces 'place your bets'. The croupier will then count the player's money and give the appropriate amount of chips in return. Players can begin betting as soon as they receive their pile of casino chips.

Playing and Inside Bets

Betting on one number on the wheel is the most popular type of bet and this is known as a 'straight bet'. Roulette players simply place the chip on the top of an individual number on the table to do this. The payout for this bet is 35 to 1.


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