Roulette Strategy and Winning Systems

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Strategy and Winning

Roulette Strategy and Winning SystemsCasino roulette is very much a game of chance and therefore predicting the winning numbers is always difficult. However, at many casinos operating roulette, players observe the tables for long periods of time and go to great lengths to analyse their results.

Most casinos are so confident that the winning numbers in roulette are completely random that they happily provide pencils and printed forms, allowing the players to make a note of all winning numbers. The wheels are specifically designed with deflection bars to make the ball land in random winning numbers, and this, combined with a variation in the speed that the ball and wheel is spun, make the task of predicting the winning number almost impossible.

Strategy and Winning: Watching the Casino Dealer / Croupier

Roulette Strategy and Winning SystemsThe best way of attempting to predict winning numbers in the casino game of roulette is to watch the actual croupier, observing how they spin the wheel and ball. Although the casino croupier has been specifically trained to vary the speed at which the ball and roulette wheel are spun, in practice, many casino croupiers often spin the ball and wheel almost identically each time.

As the casino croupier starts from the previous winning number on the roulette wheel, by analysing the results of each winning number, together with the start positions and the number of complete revolutions of the ball, winning sections of the wheel can often by predicted with surprising accuracy. This is particularly apparent when the previous winning number is repeated, sometimes several times, which indicates that the croupier is not varying their method of spinning the ball / wheel. The winning numbers can also vary when the croupier is playing on tables where the wheel is positioned on the opposite side.

Once the analysis of the winning results has identified a croupier with a consistent spinning pattern, experienced roulette players often choose to follow the croupier when they change tables, which may prove to have higher minimum betting stakes. Roulette players attempting to predict the winning numbers of area of the wheel usually place a large number of chips on a block of numbers around their winning prediction.


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