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Information about Rapid Roulette

Rapid RouletteRapid roulette is a relatively new version of the game, which was officially founded in 2000. Based upon the popular Australian (Aussie) roulette, which was simply a slot machine version, rapid roulette includes computerised betting and payout calculations.

Australian (Aussie) roulette was not particularly popular when it first made its appearance is casinos, due to its lack of a human element, but many casino companies saw the potential in using computers, so that the game could be speeded up. Rapid roulette is a combination of both Australian (Aussie) and traditional roulette, incorporating actual casino dealers / croupiers, who still use a wheel and ball to obtain the winning numbers.

The table layout of Rapid roulette is quite different to the more traditional version, with computer terminals arranged around the actual table. Players are able to place their bets on these state-of-the-art computer terminals, without the need for actual casino chips.

Playing the Game

On-screen chips are purchased from the croupier before play. Bets are placed in Rapid roulette by simply touching a chip on the screen and dragging it to the desired position on the computerised layout.

A strict time limit is imposed on all players that are playing Rapid roulette, which counts down until players are no longer able to place any further bets. At this stage, the croupier spins the ball and wheel, and the winning number is entered into the computer system by the croupier.

Winning Rapid roulette bets are then automatically calculated and paid out on the computer screen. A 'cash out' button is available on screen, which can be pressed to end the player's game and to instruct the croupier to pay out the relevant casino cash chips.

Additional more varied bets are also possible when playing Rapid roulette and this modern version of the more traditional game is gaining popularity. Rapid roulette is now played at many casinos throughout the world.


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